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Hi there,

I am Kayla (she/they), a Birth and Postpartum Doula based in Madison, WI.

I have been an environmental justice organizer for the past ten years, working from the local to international level on tending to Earth’s land and the people that climate change disproportionately impacts the most.


After undergoing my own reproductive health issues, struggling to navigate the medical system on my own, and finding my healing path, I was inspired to shift my advocacy work to the one-on-one relationship level. I believe that birth work is justice work.

I became a doula to be a source of comfort and presence in what can be a transformative, magical, and difficult journey. As a doula, I center your needs, identities, and desires. By providing unbiased support & education, I hope to help empower your decision-making so that you can experience the pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or pregnancy release that you hope for.

In my birthwork, I am inspired by all birthgivers, bodies, imaginings of just futures, and cycles of life. Culturally, I am influenced by my Jewish heritage, and am exploring my ancestral ties to kabbalah theory and birth practices.


I was trained by Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings in their September 2023 cohort. Their training is trauma-informed, gender expansive, socially conscious, culturally appropriate, diverse, and action-oriented. I am a member of the Madison Doula Collective

You can find me marveling at mycelium, learning herbalism & foraging, rollerskating, making art & music, and creating space for full belly breaths and laughter.

I offer prenatal, birth, and postpartum services that center your unique preferences and needs. Let’s chat to see if we are a good fit for your journey!


  • Miscarriage & Abortion Support: Samantha Zipporah, 2024.

  • Fertility and Conception: Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings, 2023.

  • Full Spectrum Doula Training: Birth Advocacy Doula Trainings, 2023.

  • Childbirth Education Course: Doulaing the Doula, 2023.

  • B.A. Environmental Studies, B.A. International Relations: University of Southern California, 2020.

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